El Paso is one of the few places where, even in winter, a frozen treat is enjoyable.

"Slushy" drinks are popular around here in the Summer months when it's super hot. We're in the desert so, even in winter, it doesn't get that cold. Not too cold for one of these guys anyway. Slurpees, Icees, Freeze's ... whatever they're named, who doesn't love them?

Personally, if I lived in the coldest spot on Earth, I'd still be drinking these things year round. Sonic and some other fast food places have "slushy" drinks that are pretty good but, for convenience, your best bet is an actual convenience store.

There's one on just about every corner which, assuming the machine is actually working, makes them the easiest way to get your drink on. They don't call them "convenience" stores for nothing.

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Each of El Paso's "Big 3" ... Circle K, 7-11 and Speedway ... offer some form of frozen drink in various flavors. Here is how I break 'em down:

  1. 7-11. The original and still the best. The Slurpee was, I think, the first frozen soda and it came in just Coke and Cherry flavors. (I'm torn on which of those is my favorite but I lean toward Coke.) Nowadays, there are a ton of flavors.
  2. Circle K. A solid second place. Their "Frosters" are very similar to the Slurpee but they seem to have more flavors.
  3. Speedway. They have "The Freeze". However, they are apparently about to join the 7-11 family and many stores already offer "Slurpee's" instead of "Freeze's".

There you go; first, second and third place in the "Icee wars".

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