If my newsfeed has been blowing up about craving certain Mexican restaurants from my friends, yours is too. I have seen so many that I am starting to miss some of them too. There are certain Mexican restaurants I miss visiting because of the chips and salsa snack. There are so many restaurants being missed by the community lately. My friends have been trying to narrow it down to what Mexican restaurant they'll have first.

We have so many choices especially since we have other meal options on the other side of the border. Seeing the topic my friends posted about got me thinking and left me craving. I am a fan of most Mexican restaurants and miss the smell, noise, and free chips with salsa. Once the stay at home order is lifted, I am definitely putting one particular place I'm at the top of my list. My choice would be El Cometa, in my opinion, they have the best lemonade, flautas, and sides. Narrowing it down to not just one but the first one in a long time is difficult. Choose which Mexican restaurant you will first grace your presence with down below.

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