Now if you had to place your vote on which high school is the most haunted in El Paso, who would you choose? I didn't attend those schools but always hear stories from my mom and dad about both.

My mom went to El Paso High School and always tells scary stories about her former high school. While my dad also admits the same but for his former high school which was Austin High School. El Paso RIP gives you a quick highlight about Austin's Tower legend. My parents can make it tough to decide on which school is the most haunted since they're rivals. I'm a firm believer in seniority and consider El Paso and Bowie High the oldest schools around. I am struggling to decide whether El Paso or Bowie high experience the most phenomena. If you have a freaky story about one of the three feel free to comment below!

Which high school would you consider the most haunted school in El Paso?

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