Someone from Las Cruces is looking to make a move, and the two options are El Paso or Albuquerque. So they took to Reddit to ask which was better:

Im from Cruces and I want to move to a bigger city but not too far from home. So I decided to move to either el chuco or burque, which city is better and why? Obviously you guys are gonna be biased towards el paso so i asked this in r/albuquerque too to get both perspectives

Well, let's take a look at some of the answers!

First, let's go to the El Paso subreddit and look at some of the answers.

Albuquerque has a much worse drug/crime/gang problem than El Paso does. It also has a good supply of diverse federal jobs though, so the market seems a little better.

El Paso doesn't have truly "off limits" parts of town either. ABQ's outdoor recreation>El Paso though.

Personally, I've considered job transfers to Albuquerque for career growth, but I wouldn't be comfortable with NM's abysmal school system.

I've lived in both cities off an on. Right now, I live in ABQ but I spend months at a time in EP every year.

Do you speak Spanish? It makes getting by in El Paso so much easier. Including for work, if you are in a customer facing position many places will want you to be able to communicate in both English & Spanish.

Drivers in ABQ are FAR and away more aggressive and lawless in ABQ, it can be downright terrifying. I always breathe a sigh of relief driving around El Pasoans.

In general, police (and migra) have a much stronger presence in EP compared to ABQ. This seems to keep things more quiet overall in EP compared to ABQ.

For both cities, your experience will vary a lot depending on where in the city you live. I live in the NE of ABQ and see/hear of very few crimes in this neighborhood. My kids lived in an apartment off San Mateo & Osuna (more central) and got their cars broken into every couple months! I've worked and lived near downtown ABQ & EP for many years - yes there are definitely more homeless there - I never felt unasafe walking around either place by myself.

There are roughly equal amounts of stuff to do in both cities. As someone else pointed out, there are more outdoor req things to do around ABQ though. IMHO best Mexican food in the world is in the EP/Juarez borderland.

Okay, now let's take a look at the answers that popped up over on the Albuquerque subreddit.


Yup, that's what I found. I searched and couldn't find this person's post in the Albuquerque subreddit. So we're stuck just looking at the answers from El Paso, and you'll notice a theme in those posts.

  • Albuquerque is filled with drugs and crime
  • The homeless population is rather high in Albuquerque
  • Somehow... SOMEHOW traffic in Albuquerque is worse that in El Paso


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