If you had to pick a favorite concert you attended this year, which band would you vote for? So far 2018 has been great to us with all the amazing bands that performed in El Paso.

Since February Nothing More, Fozzy, Incubus, Shinedown, and just recently ZZ Top performed in the Sun City! Consider yourself lucky if you've been able to catch each of these five concert performances. If you were able to see all five, which band would you consider put on a damn good show? I've created a poll for you to vote for the band you believe put on a concert of a lifetime. You also can't forget about Sevendust and Alice In Chains that are still ahead. I'm sure you're just wanting to fast-forward through 2019 to see Metallica in February. The concert list keeps on growing and making our eyes and ears anxiously excited!

Pick the band that put on the best rock show of a lifetime down below!