In the middle of rural Kansas, this underground bunker is a dream come true to Doomsday Preppers!

It seems after the popularity of zombies and apocalypse movies, many people are out there thinking what would they do if the end of the world was near? Will you stockpile food, start growing your own produce or build your dream end of the world home?

Inside Edition went to the Survival Condo in rural Kansas, to see how the elite are preparing for the end of the world. The Atlas Missile Silo has been turned into a 15 story underground luxury survival condos for the rich. This sanctuary offers peace of mind starting for the low price of 1.5 million dollars. The community offers three different floor plans for clients:

  • Penthouse Units - starting at 4.5 Millions Dollars
  • Full-floor Units - 3 Million Dollars
  • Half-floor Units - 1.5 Million Dollars

Check out some of the cool amenities that the Survival Condo has to offer in the video above.

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