We live in a world full of social media influencers these days and it turns out a lot of them come from Texas and Arizona.

If you're not familiar with what an "influencer" is - just think about all those reels and ads you see on social media, especially from accounts you don't even follow.

Influencers tend to have a TON of followers, sometimes in the millions. But you can even be considered an influencer with thousands of followers.

Some new research from influencer marketing platform Ubiquitous is now revealing where the majority of those influencers come from in the United States.

The list was created after Ubiquitous looked at the birthplaces of hundreds of the most followed influencers in the U.S. to figure out which state has the highest likelihood of creating an influencer.

It should come as no surprise that the most influencers come from California. Los Angeles alone is a city full of them:

We found the "most influential" states by looking at the birth states of over 200 of the top influencers in the space right now. And what we found was a little surprising.

Here is the list of the "most influential" states, according to Ubiquitous:

  1. California - 31%
  2. Florida - 9%
  3. Texas - 8%
  4. New Jersey - 6%
  5. Ohio - 5%
  6. Arizona - 3%
  7. Illinois - 3%
  8. New York - 3%
  9. Georgia - 2%
  10. Maryland - 2%

Texas and its huge population comes in at No. 3. What is pretty surprising is just behind the Lone Star State is... New Jersey?! Must be all that fist-pumping.

Arizona just misses out on cracking the top five, but what is also surprising is New York (hello, New York City?) is all the way down at No. 8 with only 3% of the top 200 influencers.

So for all the El Pasoans reading this, there is a chance you could become an influencer by virtue of being a Texan.

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