Texas takes it directly out of your check and hands it over to baby momma/daddy. If you get paid in cash and/or can't write and mail off a money order, I guess this service could be useful though. But, where?

  • Personally, I like the 7-11 idea. C'mon, a payment center that also sells beer and condoms? It's such a great study in strategy, cause and effect!
  • Bars. That's where it all starts in El Chuco anyway, right? You could make a payment while liquoring up your next ex/payee. (Hell, maybe you could even start working out the terms.)
  • Chicos Tacos. Typically the start or finish (after the bar) of El Paso date nights.
  • Juarez. For all the underage and on parole peeps. (See bars, above.)
  • The "Lovers Lane" area closest to the high school(s).

Any other place in El Paso that could offer this service?

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