There’s a whole category of videos on YouTube where people go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s, order an ice cream, and are told that the “ice cream machine is broken”. No kidding, it’s a whole thing. I’m going to start documenting every time I come across a sign that says one thing but is immediately contradicted by reality. Have you ever gone to a convenience store super late at night/super early in the morning only to find the door locked? The main marquee sign may say “Open 24 Hours” yet the door is locked. It’s probably because the graveyard shift worker REALLY, really had to go to the bathroom but there was no one else there to cover. Still, though, the sign is a liar. A dirty low-down lying sign.

If you ever see any signs that are contradicted by reality, by all means, send a pic or a vid my way. You can e-mail me at .

Here’s a short montage of even MORE signs that don’t mean what they say…or, it’s impossible to decipher WHAT they’re trying to say.

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