I'm not entirely sure that younger people will even remember the words "Southwestern General Hospital"- but for all the OG's I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

It's that spooky looking hospital that sits atop the corner of Cotton and Murchison, almost as if it's looking directly onto the city.

In 2008, it ceased being Southwestern General Hospital and instead turned into El Paso Long Term Acute Care Hospital, but the stories still live on. Is it haunted? Many will say "definitely".

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Of course it has to be haunted, Southwestern General Hospital has a long history- the first patients were admitted in 1907 and served as a tuberculosis sanitarium; where many came to recover from the deadly disease. So of course, any building that has been standing that long is sure to have a chilling history- especially when it served as a final place for many people.

This discussion recently came up on Reddit, when one user asked: "Where in El Paso is this?" with this really good photo of the former Southwestern General hospital.

With the sun setting the hospital looks a little chilling, doesn't it?

Many in the comments let the user know where it was, and mentioned that it was haunted. Erroneously, one user said that it used to be an insane asylum, which isn't true. But the claim of paranormal activity is not out of reach.

From the nurse who wanders the halls, to a maintenance worker who died in the elevator, the stories are fueled by the numerous investigations held at the hospital.

El Paso has a long history, and it has many hauntings throughout the city- especially around this area- El Paso High School isn't far from this hospital- so yeah, it's likely that the old Southwestern General Hospital is haunted.

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