For the past several days a red prop plane has been flying over El Paso. Trailing behind is a banner for…something?

Instagram / FitFam
Instagram / FitFam

I spotted it for the first time on Friday afternoon during a charity golf tournament. None of us could make out what the sign said. Fortunately, FitFam has a close-up video where you can clearly see what it says.

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I would have thought that the whole POINT of hiring an airplane banner would be so people could, you know…READ what the banner says. I saw it again twice on Saturday and couldn’t make out a single word.

It turns out to be for a music/Halloween festival coming to Ascarate Park on October 29th. It’s called "Spooky Moon” and you can find out all about it here.

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It’s being billed as a huge festival-style event with tons of bands, an enormous fireworks display, AND “El Paso’s First Ever Sky Drone” show.

It looks like the “live” music is mostly going to be in the EDM genre. That’s the music where one guy plays recordings off a laptop and everybody acts like it’s the greatest display of musicianship they’ve ever seen (because of all the Molly they’ve been doing). The headliner is “Gryffin”.

That’s the same setup we have when we do a live remote at a car dealership. Only instead of getting paid $100,000 we have cold pizza and expired Wet N Wild passes to give away.

Other confirmed acts at the Spooky Moon festival include Ghastly, Win and Woo, and BonnieXClyde.

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