This is somewhat of a shock to me because I can't believe these two have never joined forces together. Whataburger is now the official burger of the Dallas Cowboys!

We couldn’t be happier to have a teammate like Whataburger. This partnership brings together two legends that share the same drive to be the best we can for our fans – both on and off the field

How have these two Texas icons never worked together?! Well, actually, apparently in 2014, Whataburger was the sponsor of the Coach of the Week program and that then turned into a partnership in 2016 with the launch of Friday Night Stars, which honors the hometown tradition of high school football (we do take our high school football seriously here in TX).

I thought this was pretty great news, I don't really care for football but my family are Cowboys fans and I'm a fan of Whataburger so it sounds great, right? Well, I was wrong. If you check out the comments in the Twitter announcement, not many are happy with the partnership. Many are ready to leave Whataburger for In-N-Out (every Texans mortal enemy) and many think the partnership would have fared better with the Chicago Bears (because you know, Chicago now owns Whataburger).

  But then someone asked the real important question, will there be a Whataburger at AT&T stadium?!  

So what do you think? Does this partnership make you happy, or does it leave a bad taste in your mouth?

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