There is a new trend on social media where people are sharing their #LastNormalPhoto before the pandemic. Check out the morning show's last photos. There's a new trend on Twitter where people are showing the last "normal" photo they have on their phone before the pandemic shut everything down. The hashtag was started on Twitter after a BBC article asked 13 people to show their last normal photo and explain them. After, Twitter user Robyn Vinter asked others to show off their #LastNormalPhoto.

Robyn's tweet was shared over a thousand times and people began sharing their last normal photos. Inspired by this BBC article and Robyn Vinter's tweet, I decided to see what were the morning show's last normal photos they had on their phones.

Buzz Adams MoShow's Last Normal Photos

For me, I can remember the last weekend before the pandemic. I was bored on Friday night and randomly decided to purchase a last-minute ticket to go see Cher in concert. I'm so happy I decided to do it. The show was amazing and afterward, I went out with my friends to enjoy the rest of the night. Saturday, I had a brunch date with the girls which led to a fun day of hopping around town and just spending time together. The last night I was able to go out was another big concert night. KISS was in town and we had dinner, went to the show, then got to hang out with friends afterward. I have tons of amazing photos and videos from that evening on my phone. If I had to have a last normal night, I'm glad I spent it doing what I love- being at a concert.

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