Some people view cars as nothing more than a conveyance, others love every little thing about them. Some cars though, everyone loves...

The last really cool cars were made way before I could even drive ... and, I was born with a steering wheel in my hand, trust me ... but, the perfect mix of speed, looks and handling skipped a few generations.

The 50's seemed to have been about power, space, and opulence. The 60's, 70's and early 80's toned down the flashiness, focusing mainly on looks and power. Those were the days. From there, pretty much up until ... well ... now, things haven't been great. I'm sorry but, there's nothing sexy about dependable, economical vehicles with good gas mileage. The 2000's, so far, haven't done anything but "reinvent the wheel" with classic car reintroductions and may have actually neutered the cool car world with hybrids.

Anyway, some cars were not only cool, they developed their own character(s). Whatever your "dream" car might be, you watched some of these suckers on the big screen and you wanted 'em ... you know you did.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

The General Lee. Don't start with me ... it was a car; not a freakin' political statement. And, it thought, it could fly!

The Bandit's Trans Am.

The Interceptor from The Road Warrior:

The Batmobile. Batman is always the "Dark Knight" ... his car though, evolves with each incarnation.

The Back To The Future DeLorean. Sadly they do not come standard with Flux Capacitors and Oreilly's is out of stock.

They're not cars, and you may have never even seen the movie, but you know the motorcycles Wyatt and Billy rode in Easy Rider.

There are more, keep reading!

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