A lot of people ... newbies, visitors and residents alike ... hear this term and have no idea what it means.  

Pachuco is a word once used to describe young, Hispanic gang members back in the '30's, 40's and 50's. These days, it refers more to a lifestyle characterized by flashy "zoot suits", classic cars and oldies music. (Sort of a Hispanic Rockabilly.) That's a very generic definition mind you, for a more in-depth look at the subculture, click here.

Some say the term "Pachuco" was inspired by El Paso.

The origin of the term is unsure, one popular and well-known theory is the name originated from El Paso, Texas which was a popular town for migrant workers. Referred to as “Chuco Town,” the migrants that came from the town to Los Angeles were called pachucos. - museumofthecity.org

There are a couple of theories as to "Chuco's" origin but, wherever it came from, one thing is certain today. If you ever find a bunch of Pachucos gathered together on a weekend afternoon, pop a cold one and chill for a while. You're in for a fun party featuring classic cars, killer fashions, music, dancing and more!

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