There have been times some of us have had to rely on music to help out certain mood swings. Now music is a big part of people that helps them escape any worries or overwhelming thoughts. Plus, music is what gets us amped up for good times ahead for whatever we have planned.

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Can you imagine if you couldn't be able to listen to music ever again? Yeah, something like that would definitely hurt anyone's soul.

But I give mad props to the people who do sign language at concerts for those who can't hear. So a former co-worker of mine got into a conversation about what their last meal would be for their last day on earth.

Now you have even seen in the movies or television shows how some people go all out for their last meal. For example, the meal actor Gerard Butler requested in the movie Law Abiding Citizen should be anyone's last meal.

Now, this got me wondering about what song would be someone's last song to hear before they die. Now it seems like picking your last meal would be way easier than having to pick the last song you will ever hear.

Clearly, you should know by now the band I would be blasting loudly before I die would be Deftones. But having to narrow it down to just one song of Deftones seems nearly impossible for me.

There are way too many favorites to be able to narrow it down to just ONE song from Deftones. But the song I would choose would be "Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event" which Chino Moreno has stated is the most underappreciated song.

Just hear it from him and for yourself by clicking the link above and fast forward 20:49 minutes into the clip. But I am curious as to what others would choose as their last song to hear kind of like their last meal.

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