We have a 6 foot tall piñata of the Red Light/Green Light killer robot girl from the hit Netflix series Squid Game. Here’s what it looks like:

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Amazingly, we had this special-made for us by a local piñata-maker (piñataria?) for around sixty dollars. It was for the 2021 KLAQ Halloween parade. Our Squid Game-themed float was a big hit and I was sure…SURE…that I’d find some use for the robot-girl piñata. Well, it mid-January and I haven’t come up with anything.  Now I have this giant piñata taking up space in my already cramped (and messy) studio.

Actually, I’ve had several ideas but they’ve all been shot down by the higher-ups. Filling it with live squid was a big “no”.  Dead squid? Also negative. I had an idea to save it for Cinco de Mayo and make it “a piñata filled with things adults like”. Lottery scratchers, little airplane bottles of Jose Cuervo, rapid COVID tests…that sort of stuff. For some reason this plan was nixed as well.

I don’t want to just throw it out. The piñata people did a really great job and it’s instantly recognizable to anyone who watched Squid Game.

So, now, I’m open to ideas. Anybody having a Squid Game-themed birthday party? Is there anyone who drives in L.A. and needs a “passenger” so you can use the H.O.V. lane? Surely there have to be some pervos out there with a Squid Game fetish, right? Let me know! You can respond to this post or you can email me directly at buzz@klaq.com.


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