On Rockstar 101 we're going to start tracking the evolution of rock and roll, starting in 1989. And as I write that, I can already hear the complaints. "Rock didn't start in 1989!" "What?! You're just going to ignore everything before 1989?!" Easy folks. I realize this. We'll eventually get to all the years before 1989. Trust me. For crying out loud 1985 had albums like Dire Straits Brothers in Arms, Rush Power Windows, John Fogerty Centerfield, and ZZ Top Afterburner. These will all eventually get there time to shine. But for now, we're starting in 1989 and going chronologically through time. The main stipulation is that the album had to be released in 1989. Not the single, the album. This way we could be getting multiple songs from one band, but also zero from other bands.

1989 was an interesting year in rock because it was really the start of the grunge movement. You had the first true signs of grunge popping up from the bands that would be the grunge movement. Soundgarden released Louder Than Love. Nirvana released bleach. Nine Inch Nails had Pretty Hate Machine hit stores, but interestingly enough, at that time, it was considered a flop. It didn't do well. Another album that was really considered a flop was Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique. This was the follow up to the huge debut of the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill. Here are some other big albums that were released:

  • Tom Petty Full Moon Fever
  • Aerosmith Pump
  • Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood
  • Queen The Miracle
  • Rush Presto

Again, these are just some of the albums that were released in 1989. If you think you have some songs that should be added to the playlist, head on over YouTube and comment on the most recent episode of Rockstar 101 by CLICKING HERE.

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