AMC's "Fear Fest" is officially underway! It's sure to be filled with over 80 films and over 340 hours of chilling programming. It's kind of like the "13 Day of Halloween" on Freeform, but for adults; not that there's anything wrong with being an adult and watching the "13 Days of Halloween." One of the newcomers at this year's "Fear Fest" is "Eli Roth's History of Horror." While watching the promo's for it, I came across this cool clip:

It's a great discussion with some awesome horror creators and lovers. It also poses a great question: "What horror movie scarred you for life?" I know I definitely had an answer; "The Birds." I must have been around six years old when I first saw it. To some, it may seem too young, but I survived. At this point, I was an avid watcher of "Nick at Nite." My favorite shows were "The Munsters," "Bewitched" and "I Love Lucy." (So you can see how my sense of humor was shaped). The macabre was something that interested me. It also interested my Grandma. She was an avid watcher of "Tales from the Darkside," and Alfred Hitchcock films and shows. Guess who got to stay in with Grandma on a Saturday night watching "Alfred Hitchock Presents"? That's right, me.

To many people, "The Birds" is not really a scary movie. Some may think, "they're birds, what could be so scary?" And to me, that's exactly it, something so simple as birds were terrifying. Yeah, it scared me, but it also awakened my love of horror. It was a thrill. To this day, when I see a horror movie or show I enjoy I think to myself, "Grandma would love this." Maybe it could be the nostalgic factor of me watching horror movies on a Saturday night on the couch that reminds me of my Grandma, but either way, if it involves horror movies a couch and pizza, count me in!

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