These scam and robo-calls are really getting out of hand. A recent survey found that fewer than 20% of Americans report NEVER getting these kind of calls. I get three or four of these kinds of phone calls PER DAY! It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even answer the phone if it’s not a number I recognize. When the callers leave a message it’s usually a robot voice. One I’ve been getting recently tells me that my “social security number has been suspended”. What does that even MEAN? I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to call the number they leave. So, when I came across this video I had to watch.

It’s the same basic “suspended Social Security number” scam. But this time, it was left for a police captain. Who decided to call back and talk to person. And had one of her officers record the whole thing while she did it!

If you thought the idea of a “suspended SS#” was ridiculous just listen to what they throw at you if you call back.

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