Almost everyone in the borderland enjoys eating beef jerky from time to time especially when we're having red beers. Plus, beef jerky is the best addition to add to your red beer. We all know of Jack Link's original beef jerky sold at stores but doesn't measure up to the greatness of homemade beef jerky tastes.

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There are a few beef jerky brands that are so scrumptious that you need more than a few bites. If you support local and enjoy snacking on beef jerky there are some beef jerky brands that don't disappoint and are made right in the borderland.

There are some El Pasoans who have their side hustle outside of their 9 to 5 jobs. I have tried a couple of beef jerky brands locally and loved every single bite.

When you think about the best beef jerky in the borderland, there are a few brands that come to mind. There are a few brands I've seen on social media that bars carry and buyers who show off their beef jerky supply.

The top three beef jerky brands that I've come across on social media and tasted were Sancho Jerky, Weird'o Beardo Jerky, and Big O's Jerky and Catering, J Dubbs Wicked Awesome Beef Jerky, Borracho Jerky and more. National Beef Jerky Day is coming soon, it is on June 12 and I want to know how you will celebrate.

Clearly, my opinion of my favorite locally made beef jerky doesn't matter but yours sure does. In order to figure out which local beef jerky brand is the best I thought it is best to have you pick the best as each brand battles it out.

The winner of the best beef jerky made in El Paso will be determined by which beef jerky brand wins with the most votes. Now if you've never tried any of these beef jerky brands made in El Paso, you're missing out. Place your vote in the poll below by picking which brand you plan on celebrating National Beef Jerky Day with.

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