There are some businesses that just can't be replicated.  There are also some that have totally OVER replicated...

Sometimes, 1 isn't enough.  Obviously, 1 convenience store wouldn't suffice in El Paso. C'mon, no one wants to drive more than a few blocks for a 12 pack. (Placing stores...from the same company...right across the street from each other is a bit much though. Are you really worried peeps won't go another 50 feet for a lottery ticket?)

There are many businesses we have too damn many of. There's a fast food restaurant every 100 yards or so and we've got more Mexican food places than most other states combined. Plus, who keeps hurting everyone? There's a rehab/physical therapy center in every strip mall!?!?  (Typically just a few doors down from a nail salon...)

If you need car insurance or a cell phone, you won't have to go far to get it.  They're everywhere. Ditto for corner used car lots, Dollar Stores and freakin' construction zones.  I could go on but, you get the idea.

What do you think we have too many of?  Select an option below or, enter your own!