So, we've seen the statistics. The United States sucks when it comes to what Americans know about other countries and their cultures. But what do other countries know about American culture, specifically the very American holiday of Thanksgiving? Buzzfeed asked British people what they knew about turkey day -- and they were WAY off!

When it comes to Brits commenting on the United States, inevitably there are feelings of English cultural superiority that slip out. Sure enough, the video from Buzzfeed shows this. Yes, the snide comments were there -- about how our football really isn't football, yada-yada-yada.

But, hey, if we get William Shakespeare crammed down our throats in high school, you'd think the English could at least learn the difference between Miles Standish and the Mayflower.

That said, it's an entertaining look at what other people who speak the same language know about Turkey Day.

No leftovers for you, Neville!

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