Looking for something to do this weekend? Western Playland has a new ride for you to try out!

Western Playland has grown steadily over the years in terms of the types and number of rides they offer. It recently came to Western Playland owner Pat Thompson's attention that, he didn't have any rides that take the passengers upside down. So, enter the "Loco 360"!

Western Playland employees helped to name the new ride and park owner Pat Thompson said:

"You will go upside down. It's not as bad as it looks. I even rode it myself and I don't usually ride rides that spin around and go upside down and I rode it a couple times when we were testing it and it's a pretty good ride," - KTSM

Just in time for Spring Break!!  The park is located at 1249 Futurity Drive in Sunland Park, New Mexico. For ticket prices, click here.