An El Paso tattoo shop is stepping up to help the community by offering a flash sheet special with all the proceeds going to help El Paso shooting victims. While the Borderland is still reeling from the horrific events on Saturday, so many El Paso individuals are doing their part in any way possible to help victims. We've seen people handing out waters and food, donating blood, offering rides and even simple comfort to those in the community affected by this tragedy. Many restaurants, bars, clothing stores and more have all been coming out with their own ways to gather donations to help the shooting victims and tattoo shops are no different. El Paso tattoo shops are having El Paso centric tattoo flash sheets available and will be donating the proceeds from these pieces to the El Paso Victim's Fund.

West Texas Tattoo will be doing $60 palm-size El Paso tattoos with 100% of the proceeds going to the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation and the El Paso Victims Relief Fund. They will also be taking monetary donations for both organizations at this time. This fundraising event will be held 12 p.m. till 7 p.m. on Friday at West Texas Tattoo, located at 820 N. Mesa.

Tattoos are for walk-ins only, no appointments. Once you arrive, you will be put on a list for the next available artist. You may choose from their pre-drawn designs only. No neck, ribcages, faces or other uncommon areas due to time constraints. Contact West Texas Tattoo for any other questions.


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