What is going on with all these semi-trucks carrying giant windmill blades through El Paso in the middle of the day?!? Is it only on MY route home? Or, do people in other parts of town have to deal with it too?

I brought it up today and was genuinely surprised at the number of callers who’ve experience the unique hell of being stuck at an intersection as truck after truck after truck S…L…O…W…L…Y exits off of Interstate 10, SUPER-SLOWLY turns left to go under the overpass at Mesa, only to then get back on the Interstate going the opposite way. It first happened to me a couple of weeks ago; I’m at that I-10 and North Mesa intersection. Multiple trucks carrying gigantic fan blades blocked the intersection for what had to be 10 to 12 minutes.

“OK”, I thought. “That sucked.” Then it happened AGAIN but ever longer. I counted the number of green lights before I could get through…nine. Nine green lights where everyone going in my direction had to sit motionless, watching the world’s saddest, most uniform parade.

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I get that they enormous windmills aren’t built on-site. Parts, even gigantic ones, have to be transported to all of those wind farms. But, do they REALLY have to do it in a long caravan? Why do they do it in the middle of the day? Wouldn’t be more convenient, for everyone, if they just did it in the middle of the night instead?

Well, I received calls from multiple truckers who answered my questions. Here’s what I found out:

Luis, a truck driver, let me know that those trucks are loaded up in Santa Teresa. Also, there are only a handful of approved routes to transport a load of such immense size.

Another trucker, Juan, called to tell me that, due to safety concerns, trucks hauling windmill blades aren’t ALLOWED to drive at night.

Fine! How about a heads-up? If I knew that today was going to be Giant Fan Day, I would definitely figure out an alternate route.

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