On Friday, October 7th, Wayne Static broke away before his show at Tricky Falls to come to the KLAQ Fear Factory to go through with some fans! He stopped and talked to Mardi Gras about his solo album, the state of Static-X, his relationship with Tera and her career.

Hairspray, gel and super glue! All the ingredients you need to make your hair look like Wayne Static's!

Doing a live interview at the KLAQ haunted house, The Fear Factory, was amazing! People showed up way before Wayne and his hot ex pornstar wife, Tera, waiting for pictures and autographs! The cool thing about Wayne was that he actually stopped and talked to all of his fans! I've talked to a lot of bands and they don't take the time for anybody. This is what makes Wayne not only an awesome rocker, but a down to earth guy.

 In this segment, I asked if they'll ever have a family...."No, we have puppies and kittens!"

What sound can we expect for Pighammer? ..."It's all about Evil Disco!"

If you weren't a rockstar, what would you have been?...."An auto mechanic."

Could you ever be a porn star?..."No, too much pressure with all the guys in the room and and way too many cameras!"