I just want to start this off with a disclaimer: Yes, Leah and Michelle are part timers, but we DID NOT FORCE THEM to eat all these weird food combinations. This was their idea. Anyway, one day while scouring the interwebs Leah and Michelle they found a weird combinations list and decided to go around and ask our coworkers what their weird food combinations were.

Tricia from Kiss FM said that her son was a fan of Oreos and ketchup. Our boss Kevin apparently likes sushi with peanut butter. From that came this video idea. By the way, they asked me what mine was an apparently it wasn't wild enough and it didn't make the final cut! Mine was Oreos dipped in Kool-Aid. The red kind of Kool-Aid. It's delicious and you should give it a try. Our Coworker Veronica did a video like this not too long ago, and hers was pretty tame compared to what Leah, Michelle and Buzz tried.