There are other places you can watch a movie that isn't in a typical movie theater. Some of those places also allow you and multiple guests to see a movie free of charge. Even if it's a movie you've seen already it's neat to see one that isn't at a movie theater. When you have a family of four it can be costly at a movie theater. Which is why these kinds of free viewings come in handy. The places that have free movies outside a movie theater are Movies On The Lawn or Movies In The Canyon. Normally the summer time is when you can catch a free movie at one of those two locations. Another perk about watching a flick outside a movie theater is how much money you save on snacks. During these cold times, you can't exactly catch a free movie on the lawn or in the canyon. But you can check out Raiders of The Lost Ark at the International Museum of Art. This Saturday, January 12, they will host a free movie thanks to the Sunset Film Society. So if you love freebies, and Indiana Jones I will see you there this weekend!

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