Over 7 years ago a group of people were taking a tour near the Asarco tower and caught something unusual on camera! We don't actually know if it was an alien sighting or someone was trying to fool us.

Now this group could have had someone go and hide in the pipe and pull off that stunt. Another reason why it's difficult to determine the truth is the video quality isn't that great. What would have been helpful is if the person responsible for recording would have gotten a close-up. Of course, you shouldn't ever investigate a strange sight or noise but now this leaves us wondering. We won't know if it was just a group of friends trying to fool us or if they legit witnessed something out of this world. The video even goes in slow motion when that unknown creature pops it's head out. Javis Trabis recorded this footage long ago when the Asarco tower was still around. As you keep viewing this footage over and over it sort of gets you thinking if it really is an alien.

After viewing this video, would you say this group spotted an alien or something else on camera? Take the poll below!


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