A short time the night before the KLAQ BBQ can help cut your cook and prep time down to a short time during the Q bbq!

Some easy - peasy bbq ideas to save you time at Wet 'N Wild this weekend:

Burgers: Make the patties mixing in Worcestershire sauce, a touch of Heinz 57 sauce and your favorite seasoning(s).

Chicken: Marinate chicken breasts in Italian dressing. When you get hungry, put 'em on the grill and add the leftover marinade as necessary. Top with cheese if you want.

Steak.  Simple is best with steak, light seasoning and cook to medium.

Ribs. I suck at ribs. (My recipe involves directions to the Rib Hut and foil to reheat with.)

Potatoes. Cut in half, add butter and salt and wrap in foil. Leave on the grill while everything else cooks.

Some useful, and useless, things I've learned bbq-ing at Wet 'N Wild:

  • Egypt Central singer John Falls marinated steaks in cherry whiskey while they played, then coated them in brown sugar just before grilling. Excellent!
  • Young Guns showed me that drumsticks are a perfect substitute for tongs.
  • Thanks to Shaman's Harvest, (and some others), I learned that guitar picks don't last long when dropped on hot grills.
  • The time needed to run to the stage and back will always be at least double the time it takes to incinerate your burger.

I hope these quick 'n easy ideas help you lessen your grill time and maximize your fun time this weekend!  For bbq "do's and dont's", click here.

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