El Chuco is hiring and some of the jobs pay pretty good!

Of course, the higher paying gigs require certain "skill sets" not everyone has but, what the hell? See if any of these are for you! (Requirements listed are the most basic ones, click the links to see all.)

First, the big money:

  • Administrative Assistant, $31K. Requirements = high school diploma or GED, 2 years experience, pass a background investigation. Learn more.
  • Road & Bridge Administrator, $93K. Requirements = acceptable experience, Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering/related field. Learn more.
  • Court Reporter, $69K. Requirements = High School diploma/GED, attendance or graduation from Court Reporting College/ School, 2 years experience. Learn more.
  • Interpreter for the DA's Office, $51K. Requirements = Acceptable experience and education, licensed in translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Learn more.

Now, the "ok" money:

  • Sportspark Custodian, $15.11 Hourly. Acceptable Experience, high school diploma or equivalent, 6-month custodial experience. Learn more.
  • Cashier, Ascarate Swimming Pool, $10.82 Hourly. Acceptable Experience, high school diploma/equivalent; 1-year cashier or similar office experience. Learn more.
  • Road Maintenance Worker, $14.56 Hourly. Acceptable Experience, high school diploma or equivalent; 2 years experience, acceptable driving record. Learn more.
  • Life Guard, Ascarate Pool, $11.23 Hourly. Acceptable experience/education, minimum 15 years of age at time of hire and properly certified at time of employment. Learn more.

Once again, these are the BASIC requirements. There are more and there are also many more job listings.  Check out all the details here.


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