...And Justice For All, one of the best albums Metallica have ever made, is turning 30 this year. 

In honor of that, Metallica remastered it and put together a commemorative box set. There's also a special edition, 3 CD version that features previously unreleased rough mixes and demos along with a live set from the "Damaged Justice" tour.

I saw that tour in the Haskins Center. One of the best shows ever, especially the part where the staging appeared to malfunction and everything fell apart.  Classic!!

Anyway, Saturday night at 10 and Sunday night at 8, KLAQ will air a 90-minute special featuring all the members of Metallica talking about making the album and ... of course ... playing a ton of music from it.

During the special, listen for me to give you a secret code word. Starting Monday, you can enter that word in the Q Freeloaders section at KLAQ.com for a chance to win cool Metallica prizes.  The remastered CD, the bonus 3 CD set, a VINYL copy of the album, or maybe even a super special, limited edition AJFA Nixon Metallica watch could be yours!!

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