Along with hot chicks, fast cars, motorcycles and rock 'n roll!?!?  Of course you do!

National rockers Granny 4 Barrel are shooting their new video in the Borderland so they can feature some local rockers and some local rides too. They need local motorcycles ... customized and regular ... ratrods, hotrods, gassers and more. (Looks like our reputation for being rockers that also live and look like rockers is spreading!!)

There are 2 different video shoots happening Friday. One during daylight hours and a second, evening band performance/party scenario. That should make it easier for you to work around your schedule and be part of this cool experience. Here's what you need to do:

Anyone interested in participating can send an email with any applicable photos of themselves or their vehicles to:  
Please indicate when you are available - day, evening, or both.  
Shoot details including exact location will be discussed in more detail over email with the producer."
If you're interested ... and, you know you are ... send an email to the address above. I'm damn sure going to!  For more about Granny 4 Barrel, click here. Above, check out the video that Stormy Daniels directed for them.

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