Remember the epic Waffle House fight that happened in Austin, Texas at the end of 2022? We certainly did & so does social media. In the following months, the Waffle House employee who deflected the chair being thrown at her face has become a social media star. But now her legacy has become set in stone... or rather, hard plastic.

If you haven't seen the Waffle House fight in Austin, here's a reminder

It was New Years Eve in 2022 & a fight broke out. But the biggest hero is "Waffle House Wendy" (her real name being Hailee Booth) showing up some extreme defense by swatting a flying chair away from her face.

Wendy's fighting skills is now available in toy form.

The TikTok channel, Retrogimmick, likes to show videos of his work turning characters from tv shows, movies, (& the occasional internet star) into actual action figures; ones you'd easily find at a toy store. And of course he decided to make one based on Wendy herself. Now introducing the newest fighter in Waffle the WH Avenger. (In case you're wondering, yes she does in fact have one as confirmed by the user in a video comment)

This isn't the only time Waffle House Wendy was shown love online

Many fans decided to make fan art online & even Wendy herself has welcomed in her new role as Waffle House Wendy by sharing & reposting fan art on her official Twitter page. So it's safe to say that she is enjoying her internet success & if someone ever made a Mortal Kombat mod, this is one fighter they NEED to include.

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