I was remembering the time I was an intern here at KLAQ in 2004 and miss hearing the songs I used to hear back then. I can imagine if I am missing them, I figured maybe you miss them too.

I was remembering the time I became an avid listener of KLAQ and miss certain songs I used to beg to hear. We have always introduced you to new rock and still continue to after all these years. I listed some songs I have missed listening to and curious if you also miss them as well. There are four songs below and want you to choose the one you would get excited to hear. Every time I heard one of these come on the stereo I would turn the volume up and rock out!

So let's pretend your vote could revive only one song and give it some airtime, which would you pick?

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    Five Finger Death Punch - Walk Away

    This song may have played years after my internship, but sure do miss "Walk Away" from Five Finger Death Punch.

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    Seether - Driven Under

    The time Seether released "Driven Under" I was still in high school which was in 2000. I remember hearing this song play and turning it up while singing my cold little heart back then.

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    Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop

    This was always a good song to hear while riding on I-10 in El Paso! It was 2007 when Ozzy Osbourne released "I Don't Wanna Stop" which had some good airtime. It's the kind of song you would pick for your gym playlist, am I right?

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    Bush - Mouth

    I devoted A LOT of my summertime break requesting this song when I was in middle school. This was a favorite of mine since they released it. Then a year later it was featured in the film An American Werewolf In Paris in 1997.