Loads of peeps in the area visit Red Sands to pop or watch fireworks, go shooting or off-roading and more. Far too few of them clean up after themselves though. 

The Texas Rescue Patrol wants to clean up Red Sands and have arranged a big, volunteer cleanup effort for this Sunday. Here's their plan, as posted on Facebook:

Red Sands is trashed. I’m trying to keep it professional, so I won’t vent and say what’s really on my mind. Let’s just say that some people will just never learn. We are going to meet up at 9:00am this Sunday July 14th 2019 to clean Red Sands. Nothing fancy this year, no raffles, no prizes, no food, just a solid clean-up for those of you who are true off-road enthusiasts. Please bring one box of extra large trash bags. We’ll place the trash bags along Montana Ave so that public works can pick it up, unless we can find someone willing to donate a roll-off container? Please share and let’s do this! Meet at 15698 Montana Ave El Paso Tx 79938

For more info, call (915) 302-5300.

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