If you enjoy playing volleyball especially on the sand, you will appreciate this post.

We all know of Wet N' Wild Waterworld's volleyball sand courts, except they're not always open. Then you also have certain centers that offer volleyball services except minus the sand.

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Playing volleyball is a lot of fun and also a great way to get a workout in. If you're a volleyball fanatic and consider yourself an avid player, good news.

Anyone who plays volleyball knows the difference between playing in the sand and on a firm floor.

In my opinion, I believe landing on dirt is much better than a possible skid burn from the floor.

There is a place in El Paso that offers their sandy volleyball courts for you to play at on the house.

Now in order to play volleyball for free, it is only offered two days out of the week.

There is also a specific time frame you can take advantage of the free deal. 915 Sand Volleyball off 7600 Boeing is where you can play volleyball in the sand for free.

If you already have a team to play with, get your team registered to play at tournaments.

If you decide to enter your volleyball team into the tournament, you can win some prizes. Be prepared to be amazed at what it looked like before transforming into a sandy volleyball court. So feel free to get your game on playing on the sand and on the house.

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