This young girl isn't shy when it comes to eating creepy crawlers off a stick or plate. She straight up devoured a variety of bugs the way a man would a steak dinner!

This young vlogger chowed down on a different kind of protein most of us aren't used to consuming. She records herself as she chomps down on some bugs we wouldn't dare touch let alone eat. She ate some scorpions, centipedes, mealworms, and popa throughout the video. While she quickly stuffs her face with these creepy crawlers not once does she flinch or make a face. While most of us would pull the pinch your nose reaction with a disgusted face. She claims that these particular bugs contain a good source of protein and also used in Chinese medicine. You know deep down it's hard to digest bugs yourself and she makes it look like a piece of cake.

She can seriously put some dudes to shame by how strong her bug eating game is!

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