By now, we all know who Vincent Marcus is, right?

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The former El Pasoan rose to fame on Vine when that was a big thing, but he definitely got his start in El Paso.

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Marcus has moved on from Vine and has had a prominent career doing some great impressions; impressions that eventually landed him on America's Got Talent. 

Marcus' impressions are great, however, his latest impression has some people cringing. The impression? Johnny Depp.

The Johnny Depp defamation trial has been in every corner of the media lately. Every time something new comes out from this trial, it's more ridiculous than the previous thing! As Drew Barrymore said "it's a seven layer dip of insanity" (which I still believe she shouldn't have had to apologize for).

Well, like Drew Barrymore and Lance Bass, Vincent Marcus is now in the spotlight for his impression of Johnny Depp.

Marcus, along with fellow comedy actress Manon Mathews, parodied Hollywood's most toxic couple in a new video, check it out below.

A couple of things:

  1. How does Mathews look so much like Amber Heard?
  2. Marcus' Johnny Depp voice is AMAZING!

However, as much as I kind of found this funny, not everyone did.

Not funny at all.

is what a lot of the comments say.

Yikes. No matter who is telling the truth, this is a trial about severe domestic abuse. It isn't something to make light of or treat like entertainment.

Is what one user said. And another user was quite upset at the fact that Johnny was the subject of ridicule here.

So we are laughing at domestic violence now huh? Making jokes like this is exactly why no one takes it seriously. Yea amber is a joke and making fun of the way she’s making an ass of herself is fine. But making fun of Johnny is in poor taste, the man is fighting for all men who are victims of domestic abuse that end up silenced just because they are men. Don’t mock the poor guy.

While I agree that domestic violence is no joke, I also don't think they were mocking that part- the subject of the joke here is that Amber Heard pooped the bed... allegedly.

If there's anything that anyone can agree on here, is that Vincent Marcus' Johnny Depp impression is giving us Woody from Toy Story vibes.

Marcus hasn't said anything about the video, or the upset comments, but he really doesn't have to.

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