An employee at an east side smoothie restaurant was yelled at, berated, and assaulted by a customer.

A story and video reported and posted by Fit Fam shows a clerk being yelled at and then assaulted by a customer who had initially been allowed into the shop a little bit early as a courtesy.

According to the KFOX report, here is how it started:

After placing an order, the customer questioned the employee about washing her hands as she was about to prepare the customer's food. The customer said she saw the employee touch her cellphone. The employee informed her she did touch her phone, but she could wash her hands again. - KFOX

The clerk did comply with the customers' wishes yet the b-word just kept going at her. Cussing at her, insulting her, and demanding a refund for her food, while keeping the smoothie. At one point, she even threw in some racially motivated remarks about not wanting her refund in "pesos".

The clerk handled it all beautifully according to the report and with so much patience, even I'm impressed. (That's saying a lot. If you know me, you know that I am infinitely patient.)

Her manager even gave her props for being so cool about everything. When the clerk finally orders the customer ... I refuse to use the word "lady" here ...  to leave the store, she throws the smoothie at the clerk and runs away.

Worst of all, the customer appears to be a security officer. (Youtube comments suggest that she was fired from that job.)

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