This has to be one of the most incredible real videos that are circulating on the internet today. We are talking about something that looks like it is straight out of a movie but this Tornado that touched down east of Houston in Orange, Texas was not filmed for a movie, it's the real deal.

Throughout the video that was distributed by ABC13 in Houston you can see pieces of debris flying all around, plus electrical flashes that light up the entire sky. The good news is that the storm that brought in this crazy weather across Southeast Texas has now passed so we shouldn't see anything else like this.

How Does The Upcoming Weekend Look Weather Wise After This Craziness

This weekend in East Texas we are looking at sunshine on both Saturday and Sunday, temps both days expected into the 70s. So, we should have perfect weather as kids are going trick-or-treating. Please remember to be careful with so many fun activities going on there will be lots of kids running around.

Have You Ever Experienced a Tornado Like This Before?

This video is one that I have watched over and over now, I just can't stop looking at all of the items flying in the air. Plus you add in the flashes of electricity, this is one you will probably share with you friends and family. I couldn't imagine what I would do as I'm driving down the road and see this Tornado in front of me.

Just look at this Tornado:

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