In a shocking video given to KVIA news, an El Paso policeman is heard telling a crime witness that he would "f***ing kill" him. An investigation has been opened. A shocking video was given to KVIA news showing an El Paso police officer getting into a verbal argument with a crime witness and threatening to "f*cking kill" him. The altercation happened on November 23rd, the night a man was running naked through the neighborhood while high on LSD. On the video recorded through a Ring doorbell, you see the officer and the man talking about the incident that occurred in the neighborhood. The beginning of the video does not show the initial interaction between the officer and the neighbor or how the conversation became heated. The argument escalates between the two men and you can hear the officer allegedly say,

"You pull something out and I'll fu***** kill you right here right now. You understand that sh**?"

Some parts of the conversation are hard to decipher and are inaudible but the officer can be heard calling the man a homophobic slur, as well as threatening him. The man's father, Ruben Garcia Sr., gave the video to KVIA and also reported the incident to the police department. The El Paso Mayo Dee Margo's office sent a statement to KVIA regarding the issue and a spokesperson for the El Paso police department stated: "an investigation has been launched into the officer's conduct." Watch the Ring doorbell video on the KVIA website.

The police were in the neighborhood to arrest 26-year-old Zakary Frampton, a Fort Bliss soldier who lived in Garcia's neighborhood and was high on LSD running down the street naked. On the night in question, Frampton violently beat his 3 and 7-year-old sons. The boys were both taken to the hospital and treated for severe head, face, and body injuries.

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