Take a look at the video on the next page of this post. It was sent in by a listener who travels Highway 28 in New Mexico every day. His claim is that cyclists hog the road and create conditions where accidents are likely to happen.

There was a terrible accident that took the life of a cyclist last week that has many people talking. In no way am I trying to assign blame in that accident as I wasn't there and don't know what happened. But I think we should talk about the issue so we can hopefully prevent accidents like this in the future.

Should cyclists be riding in packs on busy roadways? Should they even be on these roads at all? Watch the video below and afterwards I'll give you my perspective as a cyclist.



I like to go out and ride my bike for exercise. Normally I only ride on residential streets in my neighborhood. Occasionally, I'll get on Country Club Rd. and cross the Rio Grande then maybe ride on Westside Dr. or Upper Valley Rd.  When I do this I only ride on the shoulder of the road. My attitude has always been that busy roads and highways are for cars. To the right of the road line is where I'm comfortable riding because, in theory, cars are not supposed to drive there. Hardcore cyclists might counter that they have every right to be on the road. So what? Whether you are within your rights or not isn't going to matter if you get hit by a 3,000 pound metal projectile traveling at 55 mph or more.  As far as riding with a group of friends in a pack, on an actual highway...that is something I would never consider doing.

What do you think?