El Paso County Commissioners are trying to get the word out about a county-funded veterans assistance program. 

Commissioner Carlos Leon told KTSM that "he hopes the County can work with the program to create better outreach." He added:

"Some veterans will tell me they've been a veteran for years and they weren't aware of the advantages they would have in services that are available to them they just didn't know." - KTSM

The EP County Veterans Program is able to help about 100 veterans but, so far, only 19 have signed up.  The county website, epcounty.com, doesn't really explain exactly what they offer but, does offer this synopsis:

  • Vision: The new tradition is a renewed conviction of excellence by changing lives, inspiring hope and building a brighter future.
  • Mission Statement: To build trust, adapt to an evolving community and provide a safe and healthy quality of life to our families.
  • Priority: Veterans Assistance: To assist, advocate and provide quality services to veterans and their families.

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