Covid-19 is like a prison sentence that has been given to an innocent person. Just like in prison you must pay your dues and do time. Well, that is exactly how I felt for most of this month. This story may seem a bit long but it's my Covid-19 tale from hell based on my true life event. I had a very close call with Covid-19 and not just once but a few times. Izzy (my daughter) began feeling ill on Tuesday evening of September 28 with a fever and congestion. So the following day on Wednesday, September 30, her doctor suggested he test her for flu and Covid-19. Well, on Thursday, October 1st her pediatrician called to tell me she tested negative for flu but positive for Covid-19. I was at work already and as soon as I found out I left the office like a bat out of hell. Usually, while I am at work my dad takes care of her for me until I get out. Now, my dad is at higher risk due to his health issues.

I rushed on the phone to warn my dad about her positive status for Covid-19 and to wear his mask around her. Well, that day was the scariest day of my life. Last month my almost 9-month-old tested positive for a deadly virus that's killing people left and right. So of course, the first thing we all (whoever was around Izzy) did was get on the ball about getting tested. That Thursday, was when my dad, sister, and son immediately got tested at Nations Tobin Park.

My appointment was the following day on Friday, October 2 at the 301 George Perry testing site. After waiting what seems like a lifetime we all got our results back and all tested negative. But despite testing negative if you were around a positive case you must quarantine for 14 days. Now as for my daughter's dad he had also tested positive for Covid-19. My daughter's pediatrician had recommended we all get tested again in a few days. On Saturday, October 3, my dad developed a fever, body aches, chills, and smell. So then Monday, October 5th, my dad and I visited the Nations Tobin Park testing site which the line wasn't as bad then as it is now. So, again my dad and I played the waiting game to see our outcome. After waiting for days, again, my results surprisingly came back negative. But as for my dad, unfortunately, he tested positive.

Let me tell you it was one hell of a start to October for my family. Plus, I had some frustrations with the City of Health Department. So, since finding out about my daughter I am supposed to be in quarantine for 14 days. Well, the first letter for release that I was given had the incorrect date. So then my caseworker sent me the release form with my correct date to be free again. Now do know, I did inform my caseworker about my dad testing positive on October 5. Well, I guess my caseworker didn't communicate with my dad's caseworker because my release date changed again.

For me it was back to Nations Tobin Park I go, to get tested for Covid-19, again. Well, I'm blessed I managed to dodge Covid-19 with as many close calls I had with my daughter, her dad, and my dad. My last test was Friday, October 16, and came back negative, again. Some relatives and friends came through to help out by dropping off needed necessities. Luckily technology has come through to save the entire race. I am just glad technology has advanced because I was still able to do my job right from home. Although, I am the type that prefers to work from work and not from home. Plus, one morning my laptop was keeping me from doing my job. It is technical issues that irk me but luckily our engineer Dave comes to the rescue over the phone.

Another great example of technology being so great is how you can have what you're craving brought to right to your home. On a couple of occasions, I would order food for my family through Uber Eats. Everyone knows it isn't cheap to order from, but it did come in handy for our quarantine sentence. It took me longer to finish my work while working from home compared to how I would finish on time at work. But when I would be done for the day I would jump right back to work on my daughter's Halloween costume. That project has been a big help in staying busy while I was in quarantine. Thankfully, everyone I was around that tested positive for Covid-19 is alive and doing well. Covid-19 may not have wanted me and I am perfectly fine with that.

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