KLAQ and Yuengling Beer salute Texas Independence Day now through March 2. KLAQ has been putting the spotlight on some Texas music artists who rock. Since we started it has got me missing an old personal favorite Texas band of mine.

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There was a Texas band I remember becoming obsessed with when they performed in El Paso many years ago. The Texas band I am referring to that you may or may not have seen is Faktion. The band Faktion is from Denton, Texas which they had visited El Paso, Texas often.

The first time some El Pasoans (including me) discovered Faktion was when they opened for Hinder at Club 101. Now, this was when Club 101 existed on the Westside in the Rudolph Plaza where the Peoria Nightclub once existed as well as other hot spots.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

That was the night I discovered the Denton, Texas rock band Faktion and gained a crush on the lead guitarist Josh Franklin (picture above) at Club 101. Another time Faktion came down to perform in El Paso was at KLAQ's Downtown StreetFest in 2006.


Faktion is known for quite a few songs you may have sung along to when they performed in El Paso. They sang some slower tunes (featured above) with "Distance" and "Letting You Go" which still rocked.

Another favorite that can amp someone up is "Take It All Away" which there is a music video for you can see above. But unfortunately, since 2008 Faktion has disbanded and everyone went in their own directions doing different things.

I remember Faktion when the original frontman Ryan Gibbs was the band's vocalist. It was before Marshall Dutton took over vocals for Faktion and then eventually moved on to sing for Hinder.

Faktion always put on a damn good show when they would perform in El Paso and has me wishing they could have a reunion in the future. Share your two cents in the poll below if you remember seeing Faktion in concert when they came to El Paso.

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