Before the deadly Covid-19 came about, I used to do some things before that would have gotten me sick with the coronavirus. Now I can understand why certain family members of mine have a safe routine they have followed for a long time now. For example, my sister and I are opposites for sure. She has NEVER liked sharing anything of her drinks or her plate of food with anyone. The only person my sister is comfortable with sharing is me and my son. But how I thought before Covid-19 came around was that sharing is caring. I would always be down to give a swig of my drink for someone to taste, share a drag from a friend's smoke, and share my lip product.

Luckily, from all the years before that, I had been sharing my stuff and didn't land me with any STD's anywhere on my facial area. But thanks to Covid-19 it has now taught me to ditch the sharing is caring rule for good. Before Covid-19 I didn't mind sharing whatever I had that someone I know wanted to try. Covid-19 sure taught me a very vital lesson that I plan on following from here on out. I am glad that when all this started happening I didn't have a way to share anything with anyone besides my kids. I even had to give my son a really long discussion about why he shouldn't share anything with his classmates. So I shared some new rules I plan on adapting to post Covid-19 down below.

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    Sharing Drinks/Food

    Normally I shared freely until Covid-19 put the fear of sharing into a reality. I always shared my drinks or food if a friend wanted to try it. Covid-19 instilled a vital rule that I will follow for the rest of my life. Who knew this time around germs can be deadly to some and not sharing can save you.

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    Carry Antibacterial 24/7

    Before Covid-19 I didn't use antibacterial as often as I do now. For example, not sure who else would go get gas and wait until they got home to wash their hands. Now, the way times are due to coronavirus I keep antibacterial on me at all times.

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    Not Touching The Face

    I am now starting to get in the habit of not touching my face as often. You would think getting a pimple from touching my face would help but it doesn't. Now that Covid-19 is around I have been touching my face less than I did before.

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    Cleanliness At All Times

    I would carry a tub of Clorox wipes with me to work. I would only wipe down the studio if a co-worker had been around that was sick. Lately, I haven't had to bring my tub of wipes since we got an unlimited supply for our studios and offices. Now, I make sure to wipe down before and after my shift whether someone is sick or not.

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    Stingy With My Lip Care

    Before girlfriends would ask to borrow my lip gloss or chapstick and I would freely oblige. Now, I plan on avoiding getting myself intentionally sick from sharing.