I have been hearing mixed reactions about UV ink tattoos. I love the idea of adding some of this ink to tattoos you already have or getting a secret one you will only be able to see with a black light.  What about you?

The Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival will be showcasing many unique tattoo artist, designs and techniques. I have been curios about two types of tattoo trends, white ink and uv ink tattoos. These have been going on for awhile but I haven't had the money to get them. Now that I got some money to spend, I have been leaning more towards a UV ink tattoo.

Some reviews I have read and watch say that the ink doesn't really work, it fades easily or your skin could have a bad reaction. You can't really believe everything on the internet, so I am hoping to learn more from artist at this weekend's festival.

Check out some UV tattoos that are just amazing! Would you get one of these? Do you already have one? Let me know!