The New England Patriots landed a first round draft pick with ties to UTEP and it's not the first time the 'Pats and UTEP have rubbed shoulders.

My team, the New England Patriots, just landed a new cornerback from Texas with familial ties to the University of Texas at El Paso.

Christian Gonzalez, from The Colony, Texas was acquired by The Patriots in teh first round and some are calling it a steal. He played for Oregon but has UTEP ties thanks to his Pops.

Hector Gonzalez played UTEP basketball under Coach Don Haskins in the 90's. Several other UTEP Miners have made it to the NFL, including

Several other Miners have made it not only to the NFL, like Tony TolbertAaron Jones, and Jon Dorenbos just to name a few. (Dorenbos' life story is gut wrenching but his UTEP story is hysterical.)

In addition to their new cornerback, other New England Patriots with UTEP ties include:

As for UTEP Miners with a degree or two of separation between themselves and The Patriots, there's:

  • Kavika Johnson didn't make it to New England but his cousin played 8 seasons with the 'Pat's before moving on to the Detroit Lions coaching staff.
  • In 2006, New England also gave a good, hard look at UTEP offensive lineman Josh House.

The New England Patriots plane once visited El Paso International airport.

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